DeepFlow at BTH

Together with Jeannette Ginslov from London South Bank University, we presented a collaborative performance Digital Urbanism at BTH November 14-15, 2019. The performance explored Ginslov’s investigation into different meditative states through heart rate variability. The aim of the performance was to provide a way for Ginslov to share her Deep Flow state with the audience. Building up our previous work using Processing, Bitalino, and Wekinator we were able to create an experience that enables the audience to share the meditative state through sound and visuals. Capturing Ginslov’s heart rate variability and using machine learning to identify the flow state, the system then modifies the visuals and music soundtrack to both for Sonification and creates a projection for the audience to help experience the states.

system sketch

Artistic Statement:

In order to reflect and understand on what it means to be human in the IoT world, we share with our technologies that reduce our individuals to data points we investigate dance, technology and lived experience through embodied relational biofeedback and materials of the human and non-humankind. Our approach is to develop performance by combining the design of technology through the use of self-reflexive and hermeneutic methodologies to collapse anthropocentric ways of seeing the dancing body, with ways of feeling whilst embodying biosensor technologies.