Deep Flow

May 10, 2019: I am currently building some bio-sensor technology to support Jeannette Ginslov’s research and we got a chance to do a demo at the Artistic Research Lab: On the Notion of Practice at Dansehallerne in Copenhagen. Ginslov is working on the development of tentacular worlding, a conceptual framework that explores an assemblage of dance, technology and lived experience through embodied relational biofeedback and materials of the human and non-humankind. The technology is built with Bitalino, Processing, and Wekinator. The Bitalino sends the heart rate signal via bluetooth, Processing handles the input of the basic signal and the output animation and audio. I used Wekinator developed Rebecca Fiebrink of Goldsmiths University which is a simple tool for using machine learning to build new musical instruments, gestural game controllers, computer vision or computer listening systems and more things.

JG in action