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Portrait as an young researcher
Portrait as an young researcher

Daniel Spikol, PhD

Scientist, educator, and creative technologist investigating how people learn and play. Since 2001, I have worked for Malmö University in the Department of Computer Science and Media Technology. I previously worked for Linnæus University and RISE’s Interactive Institute. My passion is to design and develop digital experiences to provoke people’s curiosity to explore the physical and digital world around them. My background combines design, digital art, and computer science to investigate how people learn and play. I have 60+ scientific publications and digital art installations. Additionally, I have worked for different companies, founded several companies, and actively works to integrate design, science, industry, and culture. My current research looks at understanding how people to collaborate to solve open-ended design tasks with physical computing with the aim to inspire learners for computational tinkering and thinking.

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More information about my work: Internet of Things and People Research Group at Malmö University