Network Learning Conference 2020

May, 2020

A conference designed for the on-line reality of the spring. Fortunate to have a paper with Melissa and David from Arduino that investigated how to make tools to support the creative exploration of physical computing. Also, co-hosted a roundtable with colleagues from the Nordics on Computational Thinking.

See the paper Designing activities and tools to support university students’ creative and collaborative exploration of physical computing with my co-authors Melissa Kaivo and David Cuartielles.

Round table session for: Nordic Approaches to Computational Thinking in
Teaching and Learning with the following people.

Johan Lundin – Göteborg
Renate Andersen – Oslomet
Teemu Leinonen – Aalto
Håkon Swensen – Oslomet
Louise Mifsud – Oslomet
Anders Morch – Olso
Anders Kluge – Olso
Stig Børsen Hansen – Southern Denmark
Daniel Spikol – Malmö
Jussi Mikkonen – Southern Department
David Cuartielles – Arduino & Malmö
Rocio Chongtay – Southern Denmark
Nina Bonderup Dohn – Southern Denmark